New trivia app DESIGNerd tests your design nerdiness

Published:  July 17, 2014

Now there is a way to prove who is the mightiest design nerd of all. Kevin Finn, self-confessed design nerd and principal of The Sum Of and Open Manifesto, has collated his extensive knowledge, and that of Stefan Sagmeister, Steve Heller and Lita Talarico, into a interactive game of tidbit trivia and factoids. The simple, answer-correctly-and-get-points gameplay tests the cultural, contemporary and historical proficiency of the aspiring design nerd, offering up to 100+ questions in each session.

Released only last week, the game has already garnered international attention, winning the admiration and providing amusement to the likes of Debbie Millman “I am completely addicted to this game by Kevin Finn!!!” and Vince Frost “It’s brilliant. Every designer will love it.”

Finn explains there were several reasons compelling him to create the app, with access o fun, engaging design education being a priority.

“First, I’m a self confessed DESIGNerd,” he told us. “I love design, and I love learning about design. Second, as far as I know, there is nothing like this trivia series – and I thought it would be fun to collaborate with some of the world’s most influential designers to develop their signature volumes. Third, I am interested in ways to gamify learning about design, in an engaging and fun way.”

“The trivia series volumes are like condensed books with facts and information on design topics. Overall, my objective is to build a brand which celebrates the design enthusiast and builds a community around this. Of course, we’re starting with graphic design, but the plan has always been to expand into other design disciplines and I hope to do this in the near future,” he added.

The app is based on a card game of the same name that Finn created four years ago. The cards, housed in collector’s tins (and still available for sale) featured three volumes of 100 questions each from some of the world’s leading creative minds.

Original DESIGNerd card game in collector’s tins

“The original Collector’s tins are aimed at the advanced player, those who are happy to sit around a table and play with their DESIGNerd peers,” Finn explained. “The app is currently aimed at individual players, using multiple choice questions, hints and “Did You Know?” facts, which add to the player learning experience. The app is also intended to make the trivia series more accessible, particularly to students, but I’m finding influential designers are also enjoying the app, which is incredibly encouraging.”

Finn pulled together a small team for the project, including an assistant KT Doyle and  Graeme Caplan of Entegy. “Of course, the DESIGNerd would not be what it is without Stefan Sagmeister, Steven Heller and Lita Talarico,” Finn confesses. “Working with them has been a honour – and an absolute pleasure.”

As the download rate reportedly increases, Finn explains that the vision for DESIGNerd won’t necessarily stop with the app. ”There are also bigger plans for what DESIGNerd might be able to achieve, but I need to remind myself that DESIGNerd needs to walk before it runs. For example, I developing ideas around how DESIGNerd might be able to change lives, which is a big ambition, but a very, very clear aspiration. If the response to the app is profitable, I can quickly move to developing things further.”
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