New personal website from Vince Frost

Published:  March 5, 2015

Earlier this week Vince Frost launched a new personal website, featuring a dark visual palette, and full screen abstract image crops taken from the designer’s body of work. The site is an elegant dive into Frost’s oeuvre.

“I think the [the dark theme] makes the site feel a bit more full; a bit more robust, and I just like the look of it,” says Frost.




The navigation of the website has quite an editorial tone: moving through the fixed banner headings, and then down the sidebar as the images flick up and out of site, feels akin to navigating the different elements of a narrative.

“I wanted to create something simple and easy to use. But I didn’t want to do a typical WordPress site with a traditional menu. I wanted to create chapters within the site that the user could scroll through,” says Frost.

MFred, the large typeface used throughout the site was designed by Matt Willey — the condensed nature of the lettering allowing Frost to scale his text up and up for arresting effect. The piercing portrait of Tilda Swinton on the website’s About page appeared on Zembla’s first cover.

MFred is available to purchase online for the BuyFontsSaveLives campaign, where proceeds go to charity in London.

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  1. Cant wait to see this man for the first time! The book was rad and elegantly simple. I cant wait to experience him in person. Could be one of those moments where you look back and can effectively pin point where your life changed through a shift in mind set. Huge call I know. Hearing Dare Jennings talk at AD Gold Coats in 2012 was on of these moment for me. Quit my job, started living my life and Ive never looked back since. Looking forward to another heads up from someone who is globally respected for this philosophy and ideology. #frothing

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