New work updates from Melbourne’s Clear Design

Published:  December 18, 2014

Melbourne-based studio Clear Design and Brand Strategy continue their work within the cultural, architectural and property sectors, with a recent refresh of their website. The haul of new work includes a spread of identities for large-scale residential developments across Australia. We had a look at four projects below:

Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), publication

Introduced to the AIA in 2010, Clear was commissioned to design and produce the Awards Annual called, Inspire: ”a thoughtfully produced publication that features over 280 pages of exciting, innovative architectural projects by leading Australian designers who have been honoured in the 2014 National Architecture Awards program.” The series captures the “forward-thinking approach that characterises Australian architecture industry,” especially in the fields of sustainability, urban design, heritage architecture and international architecture. “Every page design is unique and operates within a very flexible grid to allow page layouts to reflect the dynamic of the architectural projects.”

Now at the beginning of a lengthy partnership, the studio have been commissioned for ten years, with the Inspire Awards publication seeing Clear work closely with publisher Katarina Stübe and the AIA team.

Clear_AIA_2 Clear_AIA_301 Clear_AIA_29 Clear_AIA_31 Clear_AIA_49Clear_AIA_181 Clear_AIA_302 Clear_AIA_611 Clear_AIA_821

Nishi residential development, identity and signage

The studio explain that they have enjoyed working with the Molonglo Group since 2008 with the focus being on the branding and marketing of the NewActon Precinct, a “world-class residential development.” In fact, the studio founder Matthew McCarthy joined the Molonglo Team and local Architects Suppose Design Office in Tokyo, Japan. “True to the intent of Nishi— the space itself was punctuated with larger than life, three dimensional proof points demonstrating the ecological, financial and societal principles of the building. From bicycles hanging from the ceiling, activation zones, a library and elegant leaning panels floor plans to bold graphic brand statements and supporting renders and views.”

The produced signage included “tailored packages for the Department of Climate Change, Palace Electric Cinema communal spaces and the residential area of the Nishi— building. Design and selection of material responded to the building’s environmental credentials and was strongly influenced by its unique architectural forms.” From self heating and cooling , to the amenity of the surrounding NewActon precinct, the studio worked as “image makers to create visual expressions of the the building’s guiding principles. The sales campaign was informed by the earlier brand strategy behind the project which distilled the desire to ‘live in a way that matters’.”

Clear_Molonglo_ Clear_Molonglo_872 Clear_Molonglo_53 Clear_Molonglo_40 Clear_Molonglo_37 Clear_Molonglo_29 Clear_Molonglo_20 Clear_Molonglo_18 Clear_Molonglo_17 Clear_Molonglo_14 Clear_Molonglo_13 Clear_Molonglo_8 Clear_Molonglo_6 Clear_Molonglo_5 Clear_Molonglo_4 Clear_Molonglo_2

Elton Group, branding and identity

Working to bring beautiful architectural veneers and reconstructed timber products to Australia, the Elton group have worked with Italian timber from the Alpi Group for over 50 years — with their products frequently featured in residential and commercial interiors across the country. Elton Group looked sought help to define “a brand system that would present their diverse range of product with a greater sense of cohesion.” In response to this, the “clean typography and structured layout present a classic, refined look which is complimented by controlled use of colour.” The company approached Clear to assist in the creation of their brand marque and campaigns to “build awareness and cache,” working to a “highly refined aesthetic, the veneers were photographed with restrained styling to allow the product, subtlety and texture to be the hero of every shot.

Clear_EltonGroup_14 Clear_EltonGroup_17 Clear_EltonGroup_9 Clear_EltonGroup_12 Clear_EltonGroup_13 Clear_EltonGroup_151 Clear_EltonGroup_20

Brompton ‘Community in Creation’, campaign and branding

The studio worked alongside Wolfdene developing the strategic vision and brand positioning for Brompton which is now being realised “through vibrant creative and experiential activation.” As a ‘Community in Creation,’ an eighteen month collaboration between Wolfdene, Oculus, Craig Tan Architects, Clear and illustrator Celyn Brazier worked to make the Brompton village an active residential hub. Comprising a pavilion, sales suite, cafe, children’s garden, amphitheatre and walking trail, the site aims to become “a centre for local community engagement over the coming years” with a calendar of upcoming events including farmers markets and music festivals.

Clear_Brompton_3 Clear_Brompton_2 Clear_Brompton_4 Clear_Brompton_5 Clear_Brompton_6 Clear_Brompton_7 Clear_Brompton_8 Clear_Brompton_9 Clear_Brompton_10 Clear_Brompton_11 Clear_Brompton_16 Clear_Brompton_17 Clear_Brompton_18

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