No Room competition entries

Published:  May 4, 2012
No Room competition entries

If you’re looking for a workspace in Melbourne, we have a terrific competition running at the moment – you can win a six-month, rent-free space at the newly-opened co-working space No Room in North Melbourne (see left). The prize includes use of a 2.5 metre long custom made desk, plus free internet, electricity, water and public liability (total value $3300). You can grab all of the details on how to enter here.

From the entries we’ve had in so far, it seems that a lot of you are either working on the couch, from bed, at the kitchen table or are having a daily fight with your heater. Entry closes Friday 11 May, and here’s a small selection of the entries that we’ve received so far…

I currently work out of my bedroom. There's no room to set up my lights, drawing equipment, lightbox, cutting matt, all the things that will make my work and my life easier

I was informed today that my heater short-circuts in my current office. I have no heating :[ It's gonna be a long winter

I would love the opportunity to paint, draw, make collages and explore wall paintings all within the one studio

I'd like to produce work in an amazing environment, sharing, collaborating, and learning from those around me

I have big ideas squashed into a tiny studio space and long for some bouncy creative energy, camaraderie and collaborations

I need this desk space because working in my kitchen and being so close to the coffee machine is forming bad habits and resulting in strange hallucinations

I'm starting from zero in a new city, where I don’t know anyone, with an uncertain income... help!

NEED to win something of value one day... hopefully NO ROOM has a space that's a tad warmer than my studio now

Our landlord is an elderly lady who is being forced out of her flat and has nowhere to live, so we are moving out of her shopfront / house so she can move back in

Entries close midnight Friday 11 May. Enter here now.

5 Responses

  1. Sam

    damn, i just found out about this. would of loved to apply :(

  2. Sam

    currently working out of my garage…

  3. Dale

    Hello! Has the winner been announced? Just wondering!

  4. Ryan

    So who’s the lucky winner?

  5. The rise of Co-working! it’s great to see so many people interested in this model of working. We definitely love in our little Northcote studio!

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