Noon: A Vogue for the end times

Published:  May 8, 2015

Now in its third edition, English mag Noon focuses on the intersection of art and commerce. In an interview with It’s Nice That, Noon founder Jasmine Raznahan states, “I was getting to a stage where I wanted to start working on a studio project and I was beginning to miss the process of making magazines. A lot of my friends were also making great self-initiated work and there seemed to be nowhere to publish it. All of these things combined made Noon. It was a very organic process.”



The magazine’s focus on melding art and fashion produces interesting results: style sits next to discomfort, producing a dissonance like ringing in your ears. The portraits are often unflattering, the models unnaturally posed. They are paired with critical essays on capital and politics, insinuating the rarely-noted truth that the bodies in these images have been bought and sold. A side effect of late-stage capitalism, perhaps. Or a reflection of modern anxieties.

In any case, there’s enough ambiguities to make up one’s own mind. While it may read as a Vogue for the end times, it’s hardly dispiriting, and the content is engaging and fresh. The photography bristles with energy, and the layout is luxuriously spacious — quality has been made the first priority. Published bi-annually, Noon looks to have a bright future.




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