NOVUK: Light and Shadow in Paper Sculptures

Published:  October 1, 2013
NOVUK: Light and Shadow in Paper Sculptures

Paper, to many, is thin and flat, folded into other flat shapes. To a small minority, however, paper is a sculptor’s tool, full of opportunity. As we saw with Diana Beltran Herrera’s Birds, Spanish graphic artist José Santamarina Laviada has drawn together his illusionary paper forms into a collection. Titled NOVUK, each model has been designed and hand crafted by Santamarina. “The boxes and pop-ups are tridimensional structural artworks with simple geometries, almost always reduced to a square or a rectangle,” explained Santamarina. “Their respective projections are directly treated through transparencies or chromatic comparisons”.

To better understand Santamarina’s explanation of his work, one can see in his photographs the immense concentration and dimensional planning that the construction of these works take. Once this flat material becomes 3D, we begin to see the effects of light and shadow across a material used so often by print designers, but to whom it beauty and 3D potential is commonly missed. As Santamarina says, “The incidence of light triggers intimate emotions in the spectator, captured and unfolded from surprising aesthetics and visual effects.”

Santarmarina has been exhibited all over the world, including shows at Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid.

NOVUK is an open collection and will be updated regularly with new pieces.

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