Open call for Semi-Permanent 2014 Book submissions

Published:  January 8, 2014

Semi-Permanent, will soon be printing the 20th edition of its annual book. Released annually with its new program of conferences, the book acts as a showcase of emerging creative talent. Online submissions will be accepted until 15 January, with selected artwork gaining a printed page within the book.

Unlike previous years, where submissions could be on any theme, this year’s edition of the publication will follow the theme ‘Evolution’.

“How this is interpreted and what medium you use to create your piece is in your hands,” explains Semi-Permanent. ”Any medium is fine by us: painting, design, graphics, drawing, photography, typography, film stills…”

For further information regarding 2014 submission guidelines, visit

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  1. Viviane

    Hi there, just wondering when the 2014 Semi-Permanent book will be available to purchase? It’s already September and I can’t find any info anywhere? Thanks in advance.

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