Out Now: Desktop #294 — In The Neighbourhood

Published:  June 14, 2013
Heath Killen
Out Now: Desktop #294 — In The Neighbourhood

It’s been a long time in the making, and there have been a few delays with getting it on to newsstands, but the June issue of Desktop is finally here!

Desktop #294 — In The Neighbourhood examines the value of community in design, as well as the role that design can play in creating and shaping different types of communities. This issue expands on the previous one by leaving the city and travelling internationally to look at some of the work being produced by Australia’s neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve invited some of the best talent from across the ocean to contribute original designs, articles and opinions – making this Desktop’s first truly international issue. It’s all about making new connections and reviving old ones.

Cover by Catherine Griffiths

The cover was designed by profiled designer Catherine Griffiths, and features laser cutting by our friends at Avon Graphics. This extra special embellishment is the reason why the issue was delayed – as each cover had to be lovingly hand-fed and personally monitored. We think it’s worth the wait and hope you do too. Some more on the meaning and making of the cover will come later in the month, but for now here’s a sneak preview:

Photo by Catherine Griffiths

Photo by Catherine Griffiths

Photo by Catherine Griffiths

With this issue, we’ve almost arrived at the halfway point of the emerging spine graphic designed by Bianca Chang and photographed by Jacob Ring. Can you make out what the message is yet?

Here are a few highlights of what to expect inside:

Illustration by James Gulliver Hancock & Kate Banazi

Longform: The Value Exchange
“I arrived in Australia in 2003 with no touchstones whatsoever. After ten years of squashing the arts and the web together, often as uncomfortable bed-fellows, I left all of my professional, social, geographical and familial communities behind in the UK. My Australian address book was empty. Where to look, what to find?”

So begins an essay – or better yet a personal odyssey – by Stuart Buchanan about his experiences with community. Buchanan is something of an expert on the subject, having immigrated to Australia from Scotland and subsequently embedding himself in numerous local community driven projects such as FBi radio in Sydney. He now helps businesses, arts festivals and cultural organisations build their communities through social networks – so there’s really no-one out there more qualified to introduce the issue!

Keyhole Series by Catherine Griffiths

Profile: Catherine Griffiths
Catherine Griffiths is the issue’s profiled designer and cover artist. A true citizen of the world, Griffiths has many stories to tell and opinions to share. In this special extended interview, Griffiths showcases her multidisciplinary work, reveals some of her personal history, and opens up on her thoughts about culture, community, and the fine art of collaboration.

Detail of 'Imaginary Three Country Fax' project by so+ba

Feature: Trade Routes
Six studios from six countries across the Asia-Pacific were invited to contribute an original piece of work in response to the word ‘Australia’. This feature is an exercise in cultural exchange, the begining of a new design dialogue between Australia and it’s neighbours, and an great excuse to showcase some of the incredible work that’s happening in our own backyard. Included in this feature are so+ba from Japan, Na Kim from Korea, Guang Yu from China, Jackkrit Anatakul from Thailand, Wang Zhi Hong from Tawian, and Edith Prakoso from Indonesia.

Modajar branding by Zebra

Folio: Dual Citizenship
Three prominent Australian studios talk about how they expanded their operations overseas, and the impact that the expansion has had on their practice. Get ready to navigate the stormy seas of international bureaucracy, and witness all the wonderful work created at different ports along the way with Paper Stone Scissors, Zebra, and 3 Deep.

Armillary Whisky Bar by Nathan Li

Interview: Broached East
Broached Commissions creative director Lou Weis talks about his most recent curatorial project Broached East, which examines Australia’s history with Asia through a series of exquisitely crafted design objects. Some fascinating things are revealed in this conversation, and of course the accompanying images are truly stunning.

Photograh by Shantanu Starick

Interview: The Shape of Libraries to Come
Come behind the scenes of the State Library of Queensland’s Asia-Pacific Design Library, where manager Christian Duell shares the ups and downs in realising his vision of a prototypical space for 21st century community engagement. This article features photographs by Shantanu Starick.

And as always there’s so much more, from a dissection of online design networks, to cutting edge publishing projects from Tokyo, to community driven design projects in Auckland, and even a photography tutorial by Jacob Ring! All your favourite regular features are in there too, including special guest Lucy Feagins from The Designs Files in Life/style.

Pick up a copy and find out who the people in your neighbourhood really are!

Desktop #294 — In The Neighbourhood is available now from Mag NationBeautiful Pages, and other fine stockists of magazines around the country.

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