‘Painterly’ neon signage for UAL gallery

Published:  February 13, 2014

Visitors to Showroom, the University of the Arts London’s gallery space, were reportedly having trouble finding their way in after its launch last year. To address this signage problem, the University contacted Alphabetical Studio.

“Our brief was to create a piece of signage that was also a piece of art,” reported the studio. “Something that could appear in the window functioning as a directional aid but also be a creative piece in its own right.”

“Taking inspiration from the themes and artistic mediums regularly appearing in the arts space we had the idea of bringing paint to life. We developed the fabrication of a glowing neon paint drip that would spell out the entrance to all who passed by.”

Building on the vintage notion of neon signage (the still-common bright urban indicator of “open”), the studio treated it as a fluid element of type as paint, a clever intersection of the gallery’s content and the signage’s purpose.


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