Pause Festival opens in Melbourne

Published:  November 8, 2011
Bonnie Abbott
Pause Festival opens in Melbourne

Throughout a year of near-constant design events, you might have noticed digital media was a little under-represented. Sharing borders with almost every creative discipline, there’s a little bit of digital everywhere, but with the first Pause Festival, there’s a lot right here.

Pause opened to the public yesterday, with it’s residency at Melbourne Central hosting week-long installations, acting as the centre of the festival’s satellite activities. Pause Network started the party last night at Loop, screening short pieces from international contributors to a crowded room of students and professionals.

The screenings – as with the festival as a whole – have been curated with painstaking care and attention, crafted around full-time jobs by George Hedon and his team. With industry talks, curated screenings from Gestalten TV and Motionographer, its very own film premiere, parties and installations, the program for the first year (and it’s slick, professional presence) is quite astounding. Hedon’s passion is unerring, he has brought world-class digital talent to our city, already so crowded with festivals and events, but so limited in their content.

Chris Staring, of Skare Media, showing at Melbourne Central

With digital a happily accepted part of our everyday lives, the industry still appears fragmented – its strong online collective so internationally focused that Melbourne’s young digital designers lack the benefit of a physically active community. Celebrations of digital, like Pause, offer the opportunity to explore material representations of digital, shake hands and share links for real.

Obey to The Better, screening as part of Gestalten TV, tonight

Don’t miss the Gestalten TV screening tonight (8 November), and check out the program for the rest of the week on Pause’s site. Most events are free (note: some have limited tickets and require registration).

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