Peppermint — a graphic designed music video

Published:  February 25, 2014

Noah Harris’s video for Julio Bashmore’s new track Peppermint is an enormous achievement of stop animation precision, patience and an example of doing things the long, difficult way. Beginning as a piece of graphic design, featuring die cut, foiled and printed Colourplan paper, the video moves into animation and in-camera animation with 3D printed, as well as found, objects. The pop and porn references, colour palette and touch of glitz are easily traceable to Harris’s inspiration from Jeff Koons.

“It took a very intense ten weeks,” Harris told Creative Review. “We designed and animated the whole film in 2D first to ensure that all the visual sequencing with the specific sounds was frame perfect. Then this was painstakingly rebuilt in 3D to form our working animatic. Then of course we had to create it all again for real… Although this seems like a slightly perverse way of going about things – making the film three times effectively – it does make sense, the film is really a huge piece of graphic design and required immense attention to detail throughout the process. Elements of the animatic were then developed to be 3D printed – the girl, her lip sync, loops like the jumping dog and the black shapes flying through the air etc. We shot for 14 very long days straight, and then only had just over a week to put the film together in post.”

With his “OCD” approach to the video, Harris knew he had to be careful with the team that worked on the video, which extended into animators, post and production teams. Now relieved it’s over, he reports “the job ended without me having been punched in the face once!”

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