Pepsi brings recycling to Facebook

Published:  November 24, 2010
Pepsi brings recycling to Facebook

Mashable recently reported that PepsiCo launched a Facebook application to encourage fans to recycle. The app, called Bottle Promise, allows fans to create and send virtual cans or bottles to their friends, in the hopes of gaining pledges to recycle. The top 100 fans who recruit the most people to the cause will be rewarded with 1000 points to redeem at Greenopolis.

This new application expands on PepsiCo’s Dream Machine initiative, which aims to encourage recycling of bottles and cans. The Dream Machine works like a vending machine in reverse, giving fans an easy way to recycle when they’re out and about. Over 850 Dream Machines and recycling bins have been installed around the U.S. by PepsiCo as part of a national initiative to not only help the environment, but also to enable training and support for veterans with disabilities, to give them new career options.

Check out this kick-ass video about the Dream Machine project:

Or go here to try out the Bottle Promise app on Facebook.

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