Phone app used to drive BMW

Published:  January 28, 2011
Phone app used to drive BMW

Our phones are very rapidly beginning to shape our whole lives. Our friends, photos, videos, maps and games are all stored on our trusty devices and soon even our wallets will be too.

What could possibly be next? Our car’s steering wheel of course.

Two Chinese computer programers have successfully used a smartphone to drive a BMW-1 Series. The Nokia smartphone app took 20 days for An Jiaxuan and his companion to program and allows for the steering wheel and accelerator/brake functions to be completely manipulated by the handheld device’s touchscreen.

You’re probably asking yourself why you’d ever need to control a full-sized car you’re not actually in – and an expensive one at that. We can’t think of an answer without an image of a James Bond-esque espionage mission requiring a necessary decoy for a break and entry of some kind.

In any case, these ambitious programmers want to use a smartphone to control a jet plane next. The governments of the world may have something to say about that one.

Thumbnail image available here.

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