Portable Presents the Curators Conference

Published:  July 31, 2012
Latoyah Forsyth

Meshing business with creativity, Portable presents events series allows audiences to engage with the innovative practices and inspirational concepts realised by rising professionals that excel in their area of expertise.

Following the announcement of the Curators Conference in New York City, October 2012 sees Portable present the Curators Conference in Melbourne. Structured as a one day event, the conference will be presented as an open conversation and feature engaging local and international panelists prominent in the realms of film, fashion, design, publishing, art and music.

The first line up of speakers include:

  • Director of Roamz.com, Jonathan Barouch
  • Owner of communications studio Boccalatte,  Suzanne Boccalatte
  • Writer, filmmaker and documentarian, Kirby Ferguson (USA).
  • Writer and raconteur, Benjamin Law
  • Curator of MONA FOMA (aka MoFo) and founding member of Violent Femmes, Brian Ritchie
  • Founder, publisher and editorial director of Broadsheet, Nick Shelton, and
  • General manager of Spotify, Kate Vale.

Speakers are set to explore the cultural and business landscape and discuss their professional approach to idea generation based on their own personal inspirations.

Super Early Bird tickets are on sale now for the event on 2 October. For more information on the conference and to book tickets, head to portable.tv/events

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