Post in Space

Published:  December 11, 2012
Post in Space

The Sydney Story Factory is the type of place that you’ll wish had been around when you were a kid. Recently launched in Redfern, Sydney, it’s a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people (and it even has its own Martian Embassy). Through a series of volunteer-run workshops and programs, upper-primary and high-school students are given the opportunity to write creatively and develop their writing skills.

One of the projects at the Factory has led to a postcard exhibition later this month, which includes Martian-themed postcards from a range of great illustrators including James Gulliver Hancock, Eirian Chapman, Andrea Smith, Tai Snaith, Daniel Dittmar, Jin Hien Lau, Kitiya Palaskas , Ella Leach and Tanya Cooper.

Eirian Chapman's postcard design

Deputy storyteller at the Sydney Story Factory, Matt Roden, explains more…”One great initiative we run is a pen pal postal service between here and Mars. Kids write postcards and letters to Martians, and then come back in a week to get their response. Volunteers answer the postcards with as much creativity as they can, though sometimes the kids ask real tough questions! It keeps the kids coming back to the centre, where they inevitably take on more long term writing projects.

To kill two space pterodactyls with one meteor, we invited our favourite artists and designers to design a martian postcard. We’ll display the finished designs in the store in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and we’ll use the designs when the “martians” write back to the students. This extremely cool variety of postcard designs will be a great way to encourage the kids to keep writing.”

The Post in Space exhibition will be held at the Martian Embassy at 176 Redfern Street on Saturday 15 December and Saturday 22 December from 10am and 5pm. You’ll be able to view the postcards (printed at a larger size than usual) as well as pick up a few Martian items for Christmas.

Kitiya Palaskas' postcard design


The Martian Embassy


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  1. The folded paper/origami design is amazing. What talent she has. Also, can’t believe there’s an “martian embassy” – my little boy had better not find out about this or I’ll never hear the end of it.

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