Postcard of the Year Awards – winner

Published:  May 9, 2012
Postcard of the Year Awards – winner

Yarra Trams’ ‘Beware the Rhino’ campaign has taken out the top prize as 2011/2012 Postcard of the Year. The awards is now in its fifth year and this year opened up the competition to postcards that included non-traditional postcard backs.

The Beware the Rhino campaign drew the majority of votes from the panel of judges and  Yarra Trams walks away with $20,000 of advertising with Avant Card. Judge, David Bell, executive creative director, Mercer Bell, gave his thoughts on the winning campaign: “Pedestrian accidents must be quite a problem in Melbourne, so to highlight the danger the agency has come up with a very graphic and powerful analogy to make their point. A tram weighs as much as 30 rhinos, so be aware around trams.”

Below is the winning postcard from Yarra Trams, followed by the finalists:

Client: Yarra Trams
Marketing manager: Matt McDonell
Creative director: John Hillier
Art director and designer: Mikey Tucker
Copywriter: Julian Penwright
Finished artist: Shawn Hekman
Media agency and Representative: Helsinki
Beware the Rhino’ makes a statement about the dangers of pedestrian accidents in a fresh and engaging way. The comparison between a tram and the rhinos is unique, poignant and almost shocking. The die-cut execution of the campaign, allowing the audience to pop-out the rhino and stand it up on their desk, ensures brand interaction and campaign longevity. The message of tram safety is communicated and underlined creatively and effectively.

Yarra Trams - Beware the Rhino

Client: Bell Shakespeare. Faustus.
Campaign: DAMED = YOU – A SOUL
Agency: Moon Communications
Art Director: Linda Jukic
Copywriter: Julie Faktor
Designer: Ayumi Moritoki


Client: Malthouse Theatre
Campaign: Namatjira
Associate Producer/Business Manager: Emma Calverley
Creative Director: Fiona Sweet of Sweet Creative
Art Director/Designer: Tim Kliendienst, Alphabet Studio
Photographer: Michael Corridore


Client: Sydney Opera House
Campaign: Festival of Dangerous Ideas
Media Agency: Sydney Opera House Studio
Art Director: Vanessa Tamblyn
Copywriter: Jill Cook
Designer: Kinal Ladha

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Client: Mental Health Association of NSW
Campaign: Tips to Stress Less
Media Agency: The National Grid
Art Director: Simon Barrett
Copywriter: Stacey Young
Designer: Simon Barret

Tips to Stress Less

Client: Hachette Children’s Books – specifically- The Asterix Brand
Campaign: Where’s Asterix?
Copywriter: Theresa Bray
Designer: Christine Fairbrother

Where’s Asterix?

Client: City of Sydney
Campaign: New Years Eve 2011 – Dream Catcher
Media Agency: Imagination Australia
Art Director: Lisa Taylor
Copywriter: Troy Graham
Designer: Andy Grady
Card Concept Execution: Avant Card

New Years Eve 2011 – Dream Catcher

Client: KordaMentha
Campaign: Oracle – Broadbeach Shopping Precinct
Agency: Caramel Creative
Creative Direction: Aaron Lee
Design & Finished Art: Vanessa Perilli
Strategic Direction & Copywriting: Rowan Wilson

Oracle – Broadbeach Shopping Precinct

Client: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Campaign: Knock Knock: Know your rights when a salesperson knocks
Creative Agency: Avant Card Design Studio
Designer: Sarah Holmes, Graphic Designer
Strategic Direction & Copywriting: ACCC

Knock Knock: Know your rights when a salesperson knocks.

Client: Optus & Belvoir
Campaign: Duncan — Belvoir and Optus Community Access Program
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Art Director: Fabian Hupfauf
Copywriter: Alister McCann
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Designer: Wellcom

Duncan — Belvoir and Optus Community Access Program

Client: City of Fremantle
Campaign: The Fremantle Street Arts Festival
Art Director: Alistair Mclean – Brown Cow
Copywriter: Rob Payne
Designer: Alistair Mclean – Brown Cow
Photographer: David Pickens

The Fremantle Street Arts Festival

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