Powerhouse Museum want you to eat their collection!

Published:  May 10, 2013
Powerhouse Museum want you to eat their collection!

The Powerhouse Museum in collaboration with Vivid Ideas will be exploring the relationship between design, technology and food in this late night museum event. Eat The Collection will see some of Sydney’s leading design minds taking 3-D printing to a delicious new level on Thursday 30 May.

Eat the Collection will delve into the evolving world of digital fabrication technologies, as 10 architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, and artists produce a new 3-D objects inspired by the Powerhouse Museum’s extensive collection. But there’s a catch; the designs will be printed in chocolate using a 3-D printer.

Featured in the event will be:

  • Adam Goodrum – Industrial designer
  • Angela Woda – designer
  • AR-MA – architectural designers
  • Chris Bosse – architect and co-founder of LAVA
  • Chris Fox – artist and designer
  • Damien Butler – artist
  • Frost Design – Leading strategy and design practice.
  • Kink Studio – design studio
  • Roderick Bamford – Sculptor, ceramist and digital fabricator
  • Supermanoeuvre – international award-winning architecture practice
  • Vicki Berglinden – artist and interior designer

Come along and taste these delicious creations, see the extraordinary 3-D technology at work, and hear more about the inspiration behind each object. The designers will all talk about  the creative process behind their chocolate creation, the Museum object inspired them, and what they think about digital fabrication and design.

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