Pozible Week 2: Semi-Precious hits $5k with over 100 supporters!

Published:  August 29, 2014

Semi-Precious is off to a great start, and it’s beginning to look like we’re on our way to getting this book published and into the hands of those who matter most — graduates, their peers and professional studios. It’s only our second week on Pozible, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the response and support we’ve received.

We have now raised over $5000 with the help of more than 100 supporters. We’re ecstatic and we have released some new rewards to celebrate!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.17.27 am

New $49 reward “Silky Supporter”
1 x copy of Semi-Precious and 1 x copy of Les Level’s ’100% Silky’ LP

Les Level is Luke Brown, who (when he isn’t playing in clubs around Melbourne) is a graphic designer and art director. Luke was a shortlisting judge for this year’s Create Awards, and will also be playing as Les Level at the Create Awards Night afterparty. He has generously given us a handful of his ’100% Silky’ LP to give away as rewards. Listen to a sample here. These are extra limited!


New $165 reward “Prized Pen Supporter”
1 x copy Semi-Precious and 1 x place in Old School New School’s “Hand Crafted Letters and Typography” workshop (Saturday 18th October, Melbourne)

In a show of incredible support, Letterer and Old School New School founder Veronica Grow has agreed to add a workshop date to her bursting calendar, and guide our pledgers through a day of crafting their own unique hand lettering and fonts. These sell-out workshops explore various techniques, including the beautiful and romantic Modern Copperplate. Through her guidance and exercises, and some practice, you will be able to create your own first rate copperplate writing which you can use for invitations, design projects, and other personal projects.

The ticket price includes a cracking morning tea, a special copperplate nib and holder, practice sheets, and your own specialty ink (so you can go away and practice right away!) You can see more details of her workshops here. Limited to 10 places only!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 9.58.23 am

We want this publication to resonate with those looking to study, students about to graduate and those ready to collaborate, as we hope to ignite a conversation about how emerging talent is going to shape the industry. Stepping away from what could be just another student catalogue showcasing the work of high-achievers, we have chosen instead to select young creatives that we see to be influential or representational in their conceptual construction, execution and motivation to pursue projects that push the boundaries of what’s expected. This book will celebrate the power of potential and the role of graduates in forecasting what’s to come, as well as how we all work collectively to strengthen our abundant industry.

Thanks again for your support, whether financial or digital, we appreciate every tweet, share, like and favourite!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!
— the desktop team


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