Process Journal releases iPad app

Published:  June 10, 2011
Process Journal releases iPad app

Process Journal has just launched Edition One as an iPad app, available for free download from the app store.

The team at Process explain that branching into the digital arena was a measured and well-thought out decision. “With so much ongoing debate of print versus digital, as a publisher of printed publications we felt it was our duty to comprehensively investigate the current state of digital publishing. After researching and downloading every digital publication we could get our hands on, we decided the best way to complete our research was to get some hands-on experience with designing and developing our very own iPad app.” The team has worked hard to produce an app which is not just an exported document from the original version, but something unique which includes additional content and interactive image galleries.

The app however acts as an ‘experimental release’, providing Process with a perspective on the state of digital publishing – keep an eye out, as observations and conclusions from the process will be published in the upcoming Process Journal Edition Five.

Edition One features 3 Deep Design, Dominic Hofstede, SouthSouthWest, Re-public, Unit Editions, Heydays, Norm, Spin, Kim Holtermand, Mainstudio, Kleber, Tim George and Cartlidge Levene.

Download the free app here.

All images copyright Process Journal.

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