Process releases special edition – Process 4.5

Published:  May 20, 2011
Process releases special edition – Process 4.5

Process has launched Process 4.5, the first in a series of special edition Process publications.

The edition, printed on black lightweight Bond, provides an experimental space for different formats and production techniques.

The content is a retrospective to the first four editions of Process and is divided into three major parts. The first is an essay written by typographer and design-lecturer Brad Haylock, the second is a typographic analysis of each of the typefaces featured in editions one to four, including type samples and specimens. For the last section, Process asked a selection of contributors from editions one to four the question: “What is your process?” Responses from Brett Phillips (3 Deep Design), Michael C. Place (Build), Mason Wells (Bibliothèque), Tom Crabtree (Manual), Tony Brook (Spin) and more.

Head to Processonline store to check it out.

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