Q&A: Capital P by The Letter D

Published:  April 27, 2012
Q&A: Capital P by The Letter D

There’ve been quite a few mentions this week of Brisbane-based studio The Letter D’s newly launched side-project, Capital P. Described as a publishing and production ‘experiment’, it already includes a number of products from some recognisable Brisbane names such as The Hungry Workshop and Fine Print.

Equally as impressive as its product line and promised output is Capital P’s website which cleverly uses Twitter as its CMS. “A unique CMS, to our knowledge, publishing data in short bursts that limits editing – like publishing with a typewriter,” say the Letter D team.

We caught up with The Letter D’s Dan Pike to find out a little more about Capital P’s future…

What led to the beginning of Capital P?
After seeing a few book projects stumble at the budget/production stage, we wanted to see what we could do to support the local book industry, and drive a short-run option for those clients not wanting, or needing large volumes.

Plus we had been kicking some printed product ideas around for a while and wanted a separate vehicle from The Letter D, to produce and promote self-initiated projects.

How would you define Capital P?
Put simply, it’s a publishing and production experiment. Experiment is a word used sparingly these days as it implies a limited understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. I like to use experiment as it gives Capital P a blank sheet to work with and explore. We know what we can achieve but we’d like to try different ways of achieving. Our website is a good example of throwing caution to the wind and trying something new – almost untested, as we hadn’t come across a Twitter based CMS before – and the response has been great to date.

In the end, it’s a boundary pusher for The Letter D, and the local creative industry.

Mono colour letterpress print. Pressed March 2012. Edition of 50

You already have a list of contributors and products available. How did you go about selecting who would be involved?
Part of the reason for starting Capital P was to showcase the local creative talent and production services Brisbane has to offer, that may be overlooked initially… And with the wealth of contacts we’ve garnered over the years, we thought what better way than to call on this talent to drive a short-run publishing option.

The big question – how do you plan to balance your commitments at The Letter D with Capital P?
A good question as the two businesses have different focuses–one is service oriented and the other is retail/product focussed–but there is a healthy overlap. Capital P will use The Letter D’s design services, and ultimately promote The Letter D’s capability to the local book/publishing industry. The Letter D in turn, as a studio, gains a vehicle to produce and sell its self-initiated projects.

Pragmatically though, we’ve set aside a day a week to manage Capital P’s projects–no doubt this will change.

Two colour screen-print. Printed March 2012. Edition of 40

What is in store for Capital P’s future?
We want this to be an opportunity to show Brisbane, and whoever else may be watching, that there is a market for carefully crafted publications that can speak to a specific audience.

We have a domestic architecture book in the pipeline with a pilot case study underway; the first in a series of artist monographs nearing completion; and an erotic art collection to catalogue… It’s going to be a hoot.

See more at capitalp.com.au

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