Re-discover Pause Fest: all 44 talks can now be watched online

Published:  March 24, 2016

The organisers of Pause Fest made a promise to all attendees at the conference this year – that they will share all keynotes from each day of the conference. And they have now delivered. All good things must be shared, right? All 44 talks from this year’s Pause Fest are available now on YouTube.

00000_1_DT Pause Images_580px2Pause Fest, held in February this year, consisted of talks, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities and much more.

For those who attended, these videos are a means to re-discover and re-live the experience all over again. For those who missed this year’s conference, this is your chance to discover the content, key trends, great ideas and more.

Hear Alice Kimberly of VICE Media as she pulls no punches in discussing how the definition of womanhood is rapidly changing and asks ”who IS the young Australian female?” Learn more about the Hyperloop from none other than Bibop Gresta who says that the best transport option we have now came out of the backside of two horses. Hear what’s happening in the virtual reality field. Adriana Gascoige of Girls In Tech talked about building your personal brand while Dave Roper from Crumpler havean exclusive insight into the creative process at Crumpler HQ.

The team behind Pause Fest has also made a call out for Expressions of Interest for next year’s conference. Full details on selection criteria and how to apply will be released after Easter, so keep an eye out.

See here for all videos from Pause Fest 2016.

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