Recreate Darcel competition

Published:  July 8, 2011
Recreate Darcel competition

Darcel Disappoints fans, this is your chance to recreate Darcel and feature alongside some top names on Darcel Disappoints blog.

The competition is calling for creatives to think up their best/worst/most ridiculous interpretation of Darcel and post it to the Darcel Disappoints Facebook page.

The winning entry will be published on Darcel Disappoints blog, which has previously featured remixes from Parra, Andy Rementer and Siggi Eggerston. The winner will also receive a signed giclee print of ‘New York, I Love You’ (below).

Go… you’ve got just under two weeks (competition closes Tuesday 19 July).

New York I Love You

All images copyright Darcel Disappoints.

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