Reg Mombassa shines for 2013 Sydney New Year’s Eve

Published:  June 6, 2013
Reg Mombassa shines for 2013 Sydney New Year’s Eve

Imagination Australia has named Reg Mombassa as the creative ambassador of 2013 Sydney New Year’s Eve, with the reveal of an eye-opening new logo and the event’s ‘sparkling’ theme, Shine.

With a creative slate that began with A Time to Dream by Marc Newson, leading onwards and upwards to a celebration that featured Kylie Minogue encouraging Sydneysiders to Embrace, in 2013 Imagination will partner with a true beacon in the fields of music, art and performance – Reg Mombassa.

“Imagination is thrilled to have secured Reg for the event. Whether it is through artistic design, beloved music, or just his vibrant spirit and passion, Reg Mombassa is someone who truly shines. He is the perfect person to carry forward this theme for the 2013 event,” says Imagination’s Managing Director Antony Gowthorp

Mombassa’s all-seeing, ever-sparkling ‘eye’ logo was revealed earlier today. The eye symbolises one community and one shared vision to live a harmonious, stimulating, exciting life in a city that allows every individual the opportunity to look to the future with optimism… and to “shine”.

All 2013 Sydney New Year’s Eve collateral will take its visual cues from Mombassa’s signature style. Best known for his cheeky characters, surreal imagery and cartoon-like action lines, Mombassa’s fresh style is etched onto the face of Australian pop culture.

Imagination’s Creative Team is currently working closely with Mombassa to create the harbourside spectacular for 31 December. The Senior Project Team is working on everything from the event theming, design and marketing, through to all live creative aspects including musical elements, fireworks’ soundtracks, and the much-anticipated Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect, which remains under wraps until midnight.

Imagination Project Director Heath Campanaro said the theme of Shine was chosen to demonstrate that Sydney is a city made up of a vibrant, energetic and diverse group of villages “With Shine this year, we are determined to show that Sydney is a city of people who come together to create the greatest city on earth”.

For more information about the project, visit the Imagination Sydney site.

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