Revealed: The discarded designs of Zembla

Published:  September 2, 2014

The many discarded or rejected design directions of the industry are rarely put on public display, meaning wonderful, whimsical or challenging work often never sees the light of day. Launching in 2003, Zembla was an avant-garde magazine that only published eight issues. Despite being short-lived, the publication won many awards under the guidance of creative director, Vince Frost, editor Dan Crowe and design director, Matt Willey – who did manage to challenge the status quo with the magazine’s art direction. But Willey has just released a video that shares all the never-before-seen alternate covers for the first issue.

Like a flip book of concepts and experiments, viewers can observe trials with type, layout and feature photography. Shown at Semi-Permanent Auckland this year, Willey’s video permits us to catch a glimpse of “just a few of hundreds of cover tries” that he and Frost came up with for the launch issue.

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