Ridley Scott YouTube project

Published:  July 8, 2010
Ridley Scott YouTube project

Listen up wannabe directors and film makers. Ridley Scott needs your help. Yes, that’s right, Academy award winner Ridley Scott.

Scott’s new project named “Life in a day” is set to be the largest user generated film created, ever. The film aims to show highlights from everyday life around the globe, filmed simultaneously on July 24. Cameras are being distributed to the more isolated and poorer countries in order to create a truly diverse array of content.

All people are encouraged to take part, and there is no need for fancy film school education, as Director Kevin MacDonald has been hired by Scott to piece the film together. Head to the Life in a Day website to be part of this truly collaborative project that will premiere at the Sundance film festival.

Image: YouTube

3 Responses

  1. I am from Mumbai, India, I would like to be associated for this. I am a Director, Producer, Writer and Photographer.
    Worked with agency, ad film production houses and also done corporate avs and videos.
    Pl let me know, how can be part of it.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Sophie Kyrialou

    I was agonizing over how to take part as I did not know how to download my video clip.So dissappointed!!!
    I hope another opportunity like this will arise.

  3. Sophie KyriaKou

    By the way looking forward in seeing the results!!
    People always make an interesting subject.
    Especially people around the world from different backgrounds and cultures weave a beautiful tapestry.
    Great idea!!!!!

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