Rio 2016 Olympic Pictograms

Published:  November 15, 2013

The official pictograms of the 2016 Rio Olympics have been finalised and released to the public. Informed by the contours of Dalton Maag’s typography for the 2016 games, the pebble-shaped pictograms represent a completed Olympic visual identity for Rio. Characterised by a classic colour concept of primary blue and white, the figures in Rio’s pictograms individually parade, astonishingly for the first time, all Olympic and Paralympic sports- totalling 64 pictograms, 41 Olympic and 23 Paralympic.


Typography for the 2016 Rio Olympics, designed by Dalton Maag

Typography for the 2016 Rio Olympics, designed by Dalton Maag

Early renditions of the pictograms were made by hand, and then reconstructed on a computer to precisely match up with the delineations of Dalton Maag’s lettering. Created by an internal Olympic design team, the sexless ‘athletes’ have been made to appear as one continuous brush stroke- suggesting movement and momentum, force and will.


‘The pictograms, from now until 2016, will serve as a communication platform for the promotion of the sports, for partner activations, and will be present in all the games’ visual identity, including their application in venue decoration, signposting, tickets and licensed products, among other things’ explains Beth Lula, Rio 2016 Brand Director

Take a look at the official website of the 2016 Rio Olympic games here


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