Robots are coming, but not for creative jobs, report says

Published:  November 11, 2014
Bonnie Abbott

If you were worried about the mechanisation of design, apparently you don’t need to be – although it might be a good idea to start brushing up your digital skills. Recent research carried out by Oxford University and Deloitte has shown that 35 per cent of existing UK jobs are at high risk of automation in the next two decades.

Design Week reports the study shows that more than a third of UK workers could be replaced by robots in the next 20 years – but designers are among those least at risk, and creativity will be a prized skill in the coming years.

The jobs that are most at risk are those that require “repetitive processing, clerical and support services” such as administration, sales and labour in transportation, construction and production, the report says.

But the jobs that will be least at risk are those requiring “digital, management and creative skills”. These include jobs in the creative industries, arts and media, skilled management roles and jobs in computing, engineering and education.

The report surveyed many London businesses about which skills would be most desirable for them over the next ten years – and the top three included digital skills, management and creativity. Among the world’s fastest-growing job titles, the report says, are user experience designers, iOS and Android developers and digital marketing specialists.

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