Sagmeister & Walsh’s elegant identity for software company Fugue

Published:  March 12, 2015

On the back of his recent Australian tour, Stefan Sagmeister and partner Jessica Walsh have flicked the macho-geek trend in tech graphics and branding, with an elegant identity for Fugue  — a new software company that creates, operates, and regenerates cloud infrastructure to protect from hackers and bit rot. The company takes its name from the musical form where one tune is carried by independent, contrapuntal voices: from fuga in Italian, meaning “flight”.


The identity plays off a calligraphic logotype which animates based on user data. The dotted lines, which twist, disappear and reform, mirror the movement of data in a cloud, or voices in a fugue.

Of approaching the task, Sagmeister & Walsh wrote, “What stood out to us was the importance of ephemerality, as the software replaces the need for maintenance of long-lived components in the cloud with automated regeneration of short lived ones. Our logo works like the software does: it constantly regenerates itself while data moves from one point to another.”

The team also developed a custom application — where any SVG file can be imported and regenerated in the same visual style as the logo, plus software that allows users to scribble their own drawings on an iPad or Wacom tablet which can then be exported in the same visual language, allowing the creation of new patterns and illustrations as needed over time. “The user can then alter the size, speed and density with the application to increase clarity or create specific styles of animations based on their need and export .tifs or .mov files.”


And in a nod to the company’s musical name, the software automatically pulls music from a user’s library,  wherein the logo’s movement is altered to reflect the density and rhythm of the audio.

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