Sagmeister X Walsh: A graphic design gameshow

Published:  March 6, 2014

Commissioned by Adobe for a branding campagin, New York based agency Sagmeister & Walsh characteristically pushed the brief much further than the client ever imagined. The duo, Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, invented a gameshow, challenging each other to recreate the Adobe logo under a random selection of limitation (chosen with the spin of a wheel), which are then judged by the gameshow’s panel — featuring Stefan BucherJessica HischeJoshua Davis and Noreen Morioka.

Three big wheels, one each for the contestants ‘material’ and the last for their ‘limitations’, the first two broadcast episodes of the gameshow see then recreate the logo with cake, pinata fodder and wool, once while blindfolded, and another while tied together.

Not only is a version of the design process on display here, but the designer’s personality as well. This is an approach both Stefan Sagmesiter and Jessica Walsh have taken before, seen with Sagmeister’s many projects that use his body, personal thoughts and experiences, and Jessica Walsh’s 2013 ’40 Days of Dating’ experiment. Where occasionally the emphasis on the personality may effect the design outcome in a traditional sense, it does something else for graphic design—promoting it as a human activity that is deeply personal, and that the world can be viewed through graphic design optics, not just commercial projects.

Given only 10 minutes to complete their task, the pair go head-to-head with Sagmeister, after twi episodes, currently in the lead.

Catch the next episode on the Sagmeister & Walsh Vimeo page.

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  1. What bizarre viewing… but very entertaining! Where I can apply to take part?! ;)

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