Samsung unveil iPad rival

Published:  September 6, 2010
Samsung unveil iPad rival

It’s on like donkey-kong, with Samsung being the latest tech brand to enter the tablet battle after the recent unveiling of its Galaxy Tab at the IFA expo in Berlin.

Perhaps the worst kept secret after it was spotted on a Sydney train last week (or was it just a PR stunt after Apple’s iPhone 4 was ‘found’ in an American bar earlier this year?), the new tablet is expected to hit Australian shelves in time for Christmas.

Making full advantage of both wi-fi and 3G, the Samsung Galaxy Tab does have a few advantages over the iPad including front and rear-facing camera, the ability to make phone calls and at 380 grams weighs half of its Apple rival.

The 7-inch device, which runs on Google’s Android 2.2 operating system will come in one model (16GB with a microSD slot that allows for an additional 32GB), and whilst prices have not yet been announced, it is expected that it will give the iPad a run for its money.

“At this point in time the [telcos] are still reviewing how we’re going to bring it to market,” said Tyler McGee, Samsung’s Australian vice president, telecommunications division. “In four weeks time we hope that [telcos] will have settled down with their plans and we should have something else to share then.”

Check out CNET’s hands on video below:

Image from gorumors.

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