Sanky’s 2011 D&AD Annual

Published:  November 4, 2011
Sanky’s 2011 D&AD Annual

The 2011 D&AD Annual has just been released, and is the most sustainable version of the annual to date.

The 2011 book is a collaboration between publisher TASCHEN, D&AD President and AllofUs founder Sanky, Airside founder and sustainability expert Nat Hunter and graphic designer Harry Pearce of Pentagram. Aiming for sustainability in both design and production, the book has an 82% lower carbon-footprint than last year’s issue. The eco-consideration was spearheaded by Sanky, who told D&AD, “If we haven’t moved on from this in ten years, we’ve failed.”

According to D&AD, the book uses 100% recycled material from Austria – which was transformed into wood free, 80gsm, uncoated and compostable paper, which reduced the book weight by nearly 1kg. Vegetable inks were used and the pages were bound in 100% recycled board and covered in FSC sourced paper and laminated with a cellulose finish.

Environmental consideration also extended to Pearce’s design. He made a concerted effort to remove as many additional pages as possible – there are just three chapter dividers and in the Limited Edition version, the categories are separated by thumbcuts.

For a comprehensive insight into the concept, production and design of the book, head to D&AD’s website. For more images, head to Pentagram’s website.

The carton opening to reveal the Annual.

The cover of the 2011 D&AD Annual.

First inside spread on yellow stock.

Preliminary pages on grey stock.

Thumb cut-outs to identify sections.

Images via Pentagram. Photography: Nick Turner, Pentagram.

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