Sega Mega Drive is celebrated in passionate ‘documentary art book’

Published:  November 12, 2014

Late last year, a proposed ‘documentary art book’, dedicated to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, received overwhelming support on Kickstarter, with 2242 backers raising over $200,000 AUD — over 300% of the original goal. Now, the book has finally been realised, produced by Darren Wall of Read-Only Memory, and the result has matched the promising hype of the original campaign.

The book is definitive, featuring development and concept illustrations for Sega’s best-loved game franchises, original developer interviews and previously unseen hardware production plans. Much of the visual material – drawn from the Sega of Japan archives – has never been released before.

Alongside the illustrated history is Arcade Perfect, a written history of the console and its legacy by Guardian Games Editor Keith Stuart, which features the voices of Sega executives and industry luminaries – including the company’s founder David Rosen, its president Hayao Nakayama, Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinske and many more. The book opens with a foreword by legendary developer David Perry, on the console that catalysed his career.

It’s an ode to nostalgia — acknowledging its power and cherishing its link to our childhood. But now as adults, we are able to better understand and appreciate the phenomenon that was SEGA, and the universe of artwork, design and vision that went into the company.

All images: Read Only

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