Semi-Permanent announce rebrand

Published:  December 12, 2012

Having recently hit the ten year mark of running conferences around Australia and New Zealand, the Semi-Permanent team decided that a rebrand was in order.

“The new brand mark is a reflection of the events expanding global presence, presenting a fresh new look to take the event into the future,” explain Semi-Permanent in their rebrand announcement. The design has been created in collaboration with Moffitt.Moffitt and will be rolled out over the events during 2013. Andrew Moffitt from Moffitt.Moffitt explains the concept behind the design:

“Semi-Permanent represents a unique assembly of creative leaders, emerging talents, experts and enthusiasts. It’s where connections are made through sharing conversations, opinions and ideas on the world of creativity. The brand mark represents independent moving parts coming together to form one movement- a celebration of diversity and unity linked by creativity and imagination.”

You can check out the site in Beta mode over here. More details announced soon.

Logo variations

Branding sample


Branding sample


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