Sex, Drugs & Helvetica doubles up for round three

Published:  July 3, 2013
Sex, Drugs & Helvetica doubles up for round three

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica is back for round three, and this year it’s double the trouble with conferences in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

With international guests added to the 2013 lineup (including visitors from Mexico City) appearing alongside a handpicked selection of locals, the conference aims to provide a well rounded look at contemporary design, with the focus on individual projects. Speakers this year will be sharing the ins and outs, and ups and downs of everything from galleries to cookbooks to rebrands to zines. As the organisers themselves say “Projects come in small, medium and large. They’ve all got a beginning and an end. We wanna know about everything in- between.”

Take a look at the line-up in each city below:

Friday, August 16, 2013
11am — 5pm

  • Dean Poole (Alt Group) on Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki
  • Sebastian Padilla (Anagrama) on Sofia
  • Tomas Shanahan + Kevin McDowell (Confetti) on Spook Vol. 7
  • Alex Naghavi (Josephmark) on Myspace
  • James Brown (MASH) on Motel Mexicola
  • Linda Jukic (Moon) on The Darling

Friday, September 6, 2013
11am — 5pm

  • Suzy Tuxen (A Friend of Mine) The Town Mouse
  • Che Douglas (BTP) Starward
  • Dominic Hofstede (Hofstede) on Hungry
  • Chris Maclean (Interbrand) on Telstra
  • Andrew & Mark Moffitt (Moffitt.Moffitt.) on DEMO
  • Geoff Cranko (Strategy) on Kathmandu

Tickets are now on sale – visit the website for details.

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