Shed Light @ Light In Winter

Published:  May 22, 2012
Latoyah Forsyth

Light in Winter brings together local and international artists, designers, architects, filmmakers and multicultural groups in a free, month-long program of light sculptures, talks, events, workshops, performances and the much-loved Solstice Celebration. Directed by Robyn Archer, this year’s program draws inspiration from the National Year of Reading, celebrating the way that reading enlightens people everyday.  One of the key initiatives of Light in Winter in 2012 is Shed Light, a collaboration between Federation Square and Electrolight which is set to feature diverse works by seven selected artists in the heart of Federation Square.

Installations include Cool Room by Di Mase Architects; a pivoting steel frame construct that utilises light and fire-retardant cool room panels in an aim to reconnect visitors with the power of the sun, Inuit Disco by Michelle McNamara and Tim Tunstall; an Alice in Wonderland-style doorway that leads to a mirrored disco igloo where projections of the aurora borealis are cast upon the walls and The Light Shed by Forty-nine Studio; which aims to cocoon visitors and instigate a visual exchange through the variation of positive and negative space and light.

The seven installations will offer a hub of creative activity and quiet reading spaces as part of Light in Winter’s quest to showcase innovative design, engineering and architecture. The construction of each installation will be on public display, offering a rare opportunity for visitors to observe designers in their element from a project’s inception to completion.

Shed Light runs from 7 June to 4 July with construction of the installations set to start on 4 June.

All images copyright Shed Light.

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