Shillington Announce Support As Create Awards 2014 Sponsor

Published:  December 16, 2013
Shillington Announce Support As Create Awards 2014 Sponsor

Just as the Create Awards ended for 2013, we are hot on the trail of a bigger and better Create 2014. And we have good news already — Shillington College have renewed their sponsorship of the Emerging Talent category. This will be their 2nd year as sponsors for this category, reaffirming their commitment to supporting students, graduates and young designers at the most vulnerable point of their careers: their transition from education into the professional world!

“The energy and passion these new creatives are bringing to the industry is incredibly exciting,” says Tanya Ruxton, Shillington’s Director of Operations and Marketing. “The awards are a great opportunity to recognise their talent and potential. We can’t wait to see where they go next.”

The winners and finalists of this award receive an invaluable boost towards getting noticed in this highly competitive field, and the category consistently receives entries with exciting talent and inspiring determination — the 2013 Emerging Talent winner, Andrew Robertson, also won the $5000 award as Create’s Project of the Year! Certain proof that these young designers deserve this bolstering industry support.

Thank you Shillington!

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