Shillington launches design reference app

Published:  October 24, 2011
Shillington launches design reference app

With emerging designers in mind, design college, Shillington, has launched a design reference app.

The free app is a useful tool for designers who are just starting out… or anyone who needs to brush up on their design terminology. It features design basics such as Adobe CS keyboard shortcuts, international paper sizes, typography definitions and tips, an artwork checklist and pre-press terminology.

The app was designed by brother and sister team, Marc and Rici Alexander from Semi Strange and is available for download here.

6 Responses

  1. I understand that IOS is a great source for apps but what about the android market?… This looks like a great app to use and have but i think that when creating an app it should be available on both platforms.

  2. Marcus Woodfield

    like your thinking Jacob, anything android is just tasteless in my opinion.

  3. emmie

    I downloaded this a couple of days ago and have used it loads. Its really handy for things like paper sizes and the artwork check list is invaluable. Two thumbs up Shillington. Great resource.

  4. It’d be nice to see an app that goes beyond the same generic, boring and mundane design information. How many times have we seen anatomy of a typeface? Who is the market for this application? If you really need an app to tell you the most basic of design principals then you shouldn’t be designing. I see Emmie used the app for paper sizes, but these are easily accessed anywhere, along with the Artwork checklist.

    It would be real nice to see a design firm use some real innovation and creative thinking, when next attempting to create a “Design” app.

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