Shrek goes 3D

Published:  April 16, 2010
Shrek goes 3D

Ka-Ching! Just ahead of the release of the fourth (and final) Shrek film Shrek Forever After, the team at Dreamworks pictures has announced that the first three Shrek films are to be converted into 3D for a speical Blu-ray release.

Dreamworks chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg says that the process to convert these films to a 3D format will be a relatively easy and cheap process, as all of their animated films are created in 3D format from the beginning.”Our movies exist in digital files to begin with,” says Katzenberg. “To go back and rebuild to a quality 3D experience is not inexpensive, but we are about to achieve a pretty high quality result

Shrek Forever After will open the Tribeca Film Festival on 21 April and be released in cinemas in July.

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