Sign Painters: The Movie Hits Melbourne (Plus a Giveaway!)

Published:  October 3, 2013
Sign Painters: The Movie Hits Melbourne (Plus a Giveaway!)

The commonly declared “lost art” has been recently enjoying some exposure with Faythe Levine and Samuel Macon’s documentary Sign Painters, The Movie currently screening across the US. The 80 minute documentary follows dedicated practitioners – intriguing characters and a few oddballs, of course – and their dedicated work. The first anecdotal history of the craft, these two dozen sign painters and their stories take you through their methods and their unique beliefs, from the traditionalists to the avant garde of the industry. Across cities and throughout the United States, Sign Painters exposes an endangered community, scattered and running on passion and commitment in the face of complete obsoletion.

For one night, Sign Painters: The Movie will be screening in Melbourne. Courtesy of ID/Lab, Desktop and Create Awards have one ticket each to give away. Drop us a comment below, telling us what sign or signage you would enter the Create Awards, for a chance at a ticket. Hurry – we pick two winners tomorrow! (Friday October 4th)

If you want to secure your seat in this limited event, tickets can be purchased here.


Building 80 (new SAB Building)
Swanston Street, Melbourne

12 November 2013
6pm — Live demonstrations by two sign writers
7pm — Start film

7 Responses

  1. Sam Orins

    The Skipping Girl in Richmond! Of course! Classic Melbourne sign!

  2. Eric

    There is a beautiful big old sign painted on the side of the bakery in my home town. I remember it is for flour, but I can’t remember much else, other than you can only make out a few capital letters here and there, and it makes you feel astonishment that someone painted it by hand, a long time ago. I would enter that — maybe they should have “vintage” post-humous categories in Create Awards!

  3. I would love to see the signage for the food truck Digging for Fire from Melbourne.

  4. I’ll be sure to share this with Facebook community. I think painted signs really reflect the heart and soul of a business, and I bet this film will be a fascinating watch.

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