Spam email down by almost 50% since August 2010

Published:  November 17, 2010
Spam email down by almost 50% since August 2010

Sometimes it’s a chore just opening your email inbox knowing how many messages telling you to increase the size of a member that you’ll have to delete. Alas, the authorities hear your cry and (probably because they’re over it themselves) have made quite a few arrests of late.

The Pushdo or Cutwail botnet was responsible for about 10% of the world’s spam. The gang that controlled them had 30 servers which were designed to spread the spam unwittingly from one computer to the next, but an international security operation managed to shut down 20 of the 30 servers – a major success.

In the Netherlands, the hi-tech division of the national crime squad arrested an Armenian man last month who was behind the Bredolab botnet. This led to the closure of 143 dodgy servers. The Bredolab botnet was once capable of sending 3.6 billion spam mails a day so it’s another cause for celebration.

And another 100 arrests were made in associtation with the Zeus botnet, with the actual command control being shut down. With all the successes in the last three months about 50% of the world’s spam mail has now been eradicated and these arrests may have given a much needed wake up call to would be spammers.

However, this doesn’t mean the fight is over. New cyber crime syndications start up all the time and in countries where governments don’t really care about your time spent deleting, it can be next to impossible to stop them. Couple that with the odd virus being spread via spam and you’ve got yourself an issue that may cause you RSI just that little bit longer.

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