Spicers Paper rebrands as Spicers

Published:  May 18, 2012
Spicers Paper rebrands as Spicers

PaperlinX has announced that from 1 June 2012 its three brands Spicers Paper, Dalton and iMedia will all be known collectively as Spicers.

The decision was made as a ‘practical response’ to unifying the brand globally, aligning with similar ventures being undertaken in New Zealand, USA, Canada and Asia. “The new logo [pictured] embodies partnership and diversification,” said Edward Stephenson, marketing manager at Spicers. “Our spirit of collaboration is evident in the symbol, where the two mirrored forms unite around a subtle ‘S’. Our diverse business streams are represented by the flowing forms that stem from a common centre point. This really is a brand reflecting our aspirations as a business and for our industry in general,” said Edward.

Spicers will continue to offer a broad range of business streams including commercial print products, sign and display, label and packaging materials, industrial packaging, graphic supplies and logistic services.

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  1. Design Police

    This is so bad, and so tired, it’s not funny. There is no spirit of collaboration in the symbol. Only a spirit of 1990s laziness. It looks like they sell air-conditioners. “Spicers Cool-Air, reverse cycle, energy efficient and quiet air conditioners for hot Australian summers”.

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