Spin: 360º, the studio monograph born for the 21st century

Published:  June 26, 2015
Gemma Pass

Take your wallets out, the wait is over; Spin: 360º the new comprehensive monograph on London’s Spin studio, founded in 1992 by husband-and-wife duo Tony Brook and Patricia Finegan, has been released. Published by Unit Editions, an independent publishing press specialising in visual culture, Spin: 360º is a beautifully curated portrait of one of London’s leading design studios.



Tucked inside its hardback cover are 520 pages of meticulous detail into every aspect of Spin’s work in identity, print, image, retail, digital and environmental graphics, as well as the studio’s self-directed activities in publishing, curating and collecting.

A year in the making, Spin: 360º is Unit Editions most ambitious publication to date. When the decision was taken to make a Spin monograph, Tony’s thoughts wandered back to 1976, and a summer he spent scraping his knees and elbows, as he hurtled off a skateboard attempting to master a 360º foot spin. The spin soon became a metaphor to describe a way of looking at a subject from every angle and perspective, which formed the basis of the book.

The making of Spin: 360º involved looking at the studio from both inside and out. Featuring essays by the studios two founders, as well as texts by Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Bos, Wim Crouwel, Rick Poynor, Steven Heller, Patrick Burgoyne, and artist and author Edmund de Waal; friends, associates, designers, commentators and clients have all contributed to the project, providing a thorough account of the living studio.

A celebration of over 20 years of creative excellence, Spin: 360º is an honest, handsome, and intimate insight into the history and practice of the affluent studio whose clients include London’s Design Museum, Whitechapel Gallery, Nike, and the Crafts Council.


Retailing at £85 (AUD$172.34), Spin: 360 is available for purchase here.


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