Spin’s flexible redesign for the UK’s University of Creative Arts

Published:  March 11, 2015

Tony Brook and the team at Spin have created a new identity for the University of Creative Arts and its four UK campuses.

“The university felt that their existing identity didn’t reflect the spirit or philosophy of the place moving forward. Creativity runs through the soul of the buildings and the people and any solution really must reflect this,” said Brook.

UCA logos 1

UCA logos 2

Based on a stencil as a starting point, the identity unfolds and evolves across different touch points, providing a flexible but cohesive structure. The anchoring logo features the UCA acronym in stencil lettering, alongside the university’s full name in Lineto typeface, Circular. The stencil letters are stacked, rearranged and tessellated across posters, stationary, communcations and digital platforms. This flexibility in the logo, which allows for individualisation of each of the four campuses, reflects the complexity and change the school has undergone since developing their previous logo in 2008. The branding system acknowledges that the university isn’t a single entity.

UCA books 2

UCA books 1

UCA books 3

UCA books 4

UCA vice chancellor Simon Ofield-Kerr told the Creative Review, “We wanted a system where all of those [different sub-brands] could exist within a whole, but it wouldn’t wipe all of that difference out.”

The identity doesn’t assume a single colour palette, or have lots of fixed elements, allowing the room for change and evolution — a process Brook says he hopes UCA students will be involved in.

UCA tote



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