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Published:  November 17, 2014

The title of ‘graphic designer’ feels antiquated to me… The complexity of what we do is not covered by ‘graphic’; it is more ‘the creative’ being used to solve all different problems.” — Linda Jukic, Hulsbosch

Design awards are in a bit of turmoil right now. Year by year, they tread a fine line between relevant and passé. We now have a flourishing online polis where we discuss industry issues and concerns, make contact with our heroes and freely communicate with one another. We share our work in real time, as it is developed, and excitedly announce its completion at its end. It’s caused a boom in image culture — the pursuit of the perfect thumbnail, the clever jpeg, the seductive shot, and spawned perversities like ‘portfolio porn’.

Issue 306 ‘The Create Issue’ cover by Andy Murray

It’s technology that has set our work free, but at the same time, has it boxed it in?  Do our online communities mean we meet less in person? Are we sharing too much of our work, and not privately nurturing it? Are we looking for the satisfaction of likes and retweets, and avoiding criticism?

For all the reasons that design awards may be antiquated, they are traditionally necessary. They demand us to stand in conviction next to our work and yell “I am proud of this.” They bring together designers and industry and nervous graduates and put them in a room with food and drink and the promise of the year’s end. They promote a professionalism and togetherness and have expectations that you strive to achieve. They put faces to Twitter handles and put your colleagues in cocktail attire. In the end, they are like a magnet that pulls us from our desks and together to see our own work through eachother’s eyes. And some even get a trophy for it.

Bonnie Abbott and Clinton Duncan discuss the past 10 years of design

Our 10th annual Create Design Awards Night has now come and gone, but the work is still here, along with the spirit of excellence. In this issue, we don’t only showcase the winning and highly commended entries, but (with the help of Linda Jukic and Clinton Duncan) trace Australian design 10 years back in time and hypothesise 10 years into the future, interview our cover artist Andy Murray, and put the question of design standards to our Create judges.

We talk to cover artist, Andy Murray, of Gatsby studio

We interview Jason Little, who worked on the ‘Project of The Year’ winning entry, the enormous Optus rebrand

We talk to Emerging Talent winner, Sinead Murphy

Here at desktop, we believe in awards for many reasons, but mostly for their ability to swell the hearts of our community, and what a wonderful way to end the year.

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