An immersive Sensory dining experiment this weekend

Published:  January 20, 2016

Melbourne image-making duo Tin & Ed continues to experiment with the possibilities of design, creativity and joy with their latest collaboration happening this weekend at Sugar Mountain. Involving taste, sight and sound and the relationship between them, the collaboration entitled ‘Sensory’ is an immersive restaurant – with visuals coming from Tin & Ed, an experimental four-course menu from Melbourne restaurant Bomba, set to a soundscape by Cut Copy.

Sensory Restaurant: image courtesy Sugar Mountain and Tin & Ed.

Sensory Restaurant: image courtesy Sugar Mountain and Tin & Ed.

Strictly limited to four sittings of just 90 people each, guests will be treated to a tactile and interactive environment where all senses are stimulated through a 50-minute narrative, playing with clashing and complementary stimuli.

Tin & Ed’s work for the concept has involved two and three dimensional aspects, focusing on  ‘function and form’ to create an immersive environment.

“It’s one giant experiment – a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional experience,” says the duo. “We’re super excited to be part of creating this experience of stepping into the unknown.”

Sugar Mountain is happening this Saturday, January 23, 2016 at the Victorian College of the Arts. Specific seating times at the Sensory Restaurant can be booked with your festival ticket for an additional $55 per person. More information and tickets for the Sensory restaurant can be found here.

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