Sulliwan utilises modular system for flexible client

Published:  May 29, 2014

We seemed to have covered a fair few ‘modular’ identity systems lately, (see here and here, or this variant we called ‘globular’) and it certainly appears to be the trend when designing a coherent, cohesive identity for a client that poses multiple branches or demands on the logo – whether it needs to represent many departments, modes, or — as in this case — different specialisations for a range of companies falling beneath the same client.

Moscow-based Sulliwan Studio utilised a shifting-box system of icons, stacked in a grid, to aid appeal to potential clients of PR agency Public Space. The company takes on clients who wish to have their communication output and reputations managed, where Public Space assists with communication strategies, streamlining media representation and creating links with investors and institutions.

The studio created a logo of alternate pictograms, based on a client’s potential focal points, that can be shuffled around a custom grid, and all anchored by its type element. This allows Public Space to appear customisable and applicable to a larger variety of clients, whether the modular system is recognised by the client or not — although you would hope its cleverness is acknowledged, rather than discreetly chopped-and-changed like a mail merge letter.

The icons vary from meme-ready grumpy cat to all seeing eyes, Harry Potters and the nationally-adored Sputnik.

The result has the potential to go awry, with the pieces of the whole not totally adding up to a wholesome sum, but so far it appears a fun, friendly, clean approach to a client who might have desired everything, all at once.

See more on the project on the Sulliwan Behance page.

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