desktop summer subscription winners

Published:  February 16, 2012
desktop summer subscription winners

Remember our  summer subscription deal? When subscribing to desktop magazine in December 2011 and January 2012, each subscriber received a Copic Marker and, was popped in the draw to win one of 12 artworks from a collection of artists from The Jacky Winter Group.

The names have now been drawn and winners have been contacted. Congratulations to:


  1. Madeline Stamer – Birds are Both Beautiful and Fascinating Print
    Winner: Jenni Shea
  2. Lilly Piri – Minature custom pet portrait
    Winner: Julius Cruickshank
  3. Diego – Personalised illustration
    Winner: Craig Buddle
  4. Michael Weldon – Ramones Print
    Winner: Greg Nelson
  5. Mel Stringer – Sad Mona Cut Out
    Winner: Tara Mann
  6. Ben Ashton-Bell – 3 x Print Set
    Winner: Michael Webster
  7. Cat MacInnes – Coasters
    Winner: Victoria Griffin
  8. Matt Huynh – Dragon painting and booklet
    Winner: Damian Hamilton
  9. Kate Banazi – Spaceman silkscreen print
    Winner: David Gill
  10. Marc Martin – Magpie illustration
    Winner: Deanna Daminato
  11. Paul Nolan – S.I.G print
    Winner: Kris Taifalos
  12. Cat MacInnes – Amy and the Hummingbird poster
    Winner: Tegan Henderson

Welcome to all of our new subscribers.

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