Support People Collective’s Sauerkraut Typeface project

Published:  April 15, 2011
Support People Collective’s Sauerkraut Typeface project

People Collective’s (Aaron Moodie and Colin Trechter) typeface project is now open for donations on Kickstarter, as they aim to make their typeface, Sauerkraut, free to the public.

Late last year they decided to come up with an alternative to the common licensing model for typefaces which generally involves, “designing and developing a typeface with one’s own resources, and then trying to recover the costs by selling a license to use that typeface.” This led them to the idea of designing and distributing a typeface in the public eye which they could then make freely available.

The project is now up on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $10,000 before 15 May 2011. “Through Kickstarter, we’re hoping to raise enough funds to cover the cost of developing Sauerkraut into a commercial level, open-type typeface, which upon completion, will be made freely available for download through our website,” Moodie and Trechter explain.

Donators are rewarded with a range of great items, such as a limited edition risograph posters and books printed by A Small Press, 3D typographic objects by Tim Fleming and a 12 month desktop subacription (all dependent on how much you donate).

Click here to read more about the project and to donate.

Read Aaron Moodie’s article, “A different type of experiment” in desktop’s April issue (p52) in which he gives his thoughts about the project.


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