Survey: women of Australian graphic design

Published:  April 20, 2016

Monash University’s Department of Art, Design and Architecture has made a call out for participants in a study titled Invisible: Women of Australian Graphic Design.

The focus of this research is to interview women who have made a significant contribution to the practice of graphic design in Australia from 1960 to today.




Jane Connory, the researcher, intends to survey the design community (being design industry practitioners, members of design industry bodies, academics, attendees of design industry conferences or those involved in the discourse surrounding the graphic design industry) to identify what constitutes a ‘significant contribution’ and how the

The anticipated results of this research will form a list of women who have contributed to the graphic design industry in Australia and provide a rich compendium of images, anecdotes, opinions and life stories about these women. All information that will be gathered is important, however, all interviewed participants may not be included in the final outcomes.

It aims to offer future graphic designers’ strategies, advice and inspiration to assist in developing a voice in the evolving profession. In doing so, it seeks to create a discourse about recognition and the value of gender diversity within the discipline.

To participate in the survey, click here.


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